New Digs

I feel like I’ve moved away from my childhood home–at least virtually, anyway. For years and years (before the horrid word “blog”), I blogged under my REAL NAME (I mean, my FULL REAL NAME, surname and all) and that added a bit of spice to the writing interaction. To my readers, I guess everything seemed REAL. That was ME on the page, even though honestly it was just the face I was willing to reveal to the public. That led to some confusion. But it was delicious, it was voyeuristic, it was exhibitionistic, it felt immediate, and I made some good friends through the experience.

Also, in some ways, blogging under my real identity removed some of the spice, too. I had firm boundaries on what I would not blog, given how my own lack of privacy meant anyone closely associated with me would lose their privacy too, if I were to mention them. So my posts were very limited to me…which then of course, lent a narcissistic charge to the blog. Which may have been part of its appeal.

Why the sudden shift? I wanted a change. I’ve been pondering this for years. I’ve felt increasingly vulnerable on my non-anonymous blog. And most recently, I was attacked. Oh, because this is the VIRTUAL world, I was not attacked physically, but still, I felt wholly violated. And now I am seeking a bit of protection.

Maybe some of you will figure out who I am. I’ve let my friends know about these new digs. After all, what’s a new place without friends visiting and dropping on by? And maybe some of my old readers will somehow find me. Hopefully, The Guy Who Attacked Me will not find me here.
My pseudonym is Jade Park. Yah, I’m Korean. Yah, I’m a woman. I can’t change those facets of me, no matter my name, so I decided to have my name reflect the person who writes here. I will continue to be as truthful as I can be in a public forum here.

What will appear here? How will writing under a pseudonym change the interaction between me and you, the reader? What is possible?

We’ll see. You’re part of the answer.


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10 responses to “New Digs

  1. I will continue to visit you no matter where you are. You’re a fabulous blogger and reading your blog is a high point of my day. I am so, so, so sorry you have been attacked. That is just… horrible. I am so sorry you have had to do this, but I hope you will continue blogging.

    I like the fresh green grass.

  2. I love your new place! A little smaller than the old one but very cozy. And a nice view of the park to boot.

  3. lucy

    I’m so sorry you got attacked, but I’m glad you’re not letting that stop you from blogging and being your creative self. I’m sorry there are creeps out there. But I do like your grassy new site.

    here’s to artistic freedom!

  4. mel

    Screw’em. Keep blogging and being true to yourself.

    And yes, I like the new digs. I’m tempted to move to WordPress, too!

  5. You stay strong, anonymous blogger!

  6. You were attacked? That SUCKS to no end. I hate judgmental comments from know-it-all strangers on blogs, let alone attacks. Grr.

    Blogging anonymously sounds really freeing. I look forward to reading to see what comes out…

  7. Oh and he wasn’t a stranger? Now that’s worse. (See–I need to read “about me” pages first.) Grr again.

  8. “Jade Park” kinda sounds like a porn name. 😉

    Just kiddin.’

    Keep rockin’ the verbiage! 😀

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