Little Miss Busy

Little Miss Busy

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Gah! It’s hard finding pictures that don’t have any personal identifiers in them! That’s one of my challenges in transitioning to relative anonymity. Can’t take a picture of my face, that’s for sure. Nor my pets. My house.

But you don’t want to have too many blog posts without some intriguing image attached to them. I mean, I learned that while I was an editor on my HIGH SCHOOL newspaper. (Ah, that was back in the pre-computer days, when we sent out the typewritten stories to the printer, who then set them in columns….and then we each sat at a lightboard and manually cut and glued the stories onto the page. Which we then sent to the printers again to print. Woo!) Oh, and gutters. You don’t want a gutter all the way down the page (that is like a white gutter space between two columns running from the top of the newspaper page all the way down to the bottom).

Oh I digress. I digressed from the very beginning of this post. I meant to say that I’m Little Miss Busy these days. I’m at capacity–school, writing, work, and my personal life. And I’m not even getting to meet my friends. It feels awesome and terrible all at once to not have much time to spare. But it’s the way I am these days. Or is it in my nature?

“You are always busy,” said a friend of mine, pointing to my real life flickr stream. “I see your flickr, you’re always up to something, making jam or food or doing some other project. You seem to never be still.”

True. Being industrious is a value pounded into me. “Get off the couch!” was a popular refrain in my childhood household. To spend every minute of a day being productive was lauded. To minimize sleep was an honor.

But what of relaxing? I ought to do some more of that. I’ve come to realize that relaxing is a much more challenging task. Anyone can be busy. But who can truly relax?


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  1. I love Little Miss Busy!

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