um.  i just realized–i submitted to this contest a few months ago and we were supposed to find out results by september 1, 2006.  i haven’t heard a thing.  of course i am assuming i did not win anything (it was on a “what the hell” notion as always that i entered the contest)…but it bothers me that i did not hear back at all.

it is now the 14th.  is this enough time?  this is an established contest, so this is odd.



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3 responses to “no RSVP

  1. In my long and sad experience entering writing contests, I have never once heard back from a contest in which I didn’t place. I think one can safely assume they don’t notify, um, unwinners, unless they explicitly say that they will.

  2. i too, am familiar with the lack of response to “non-winners” of writing contests. but this particular one responded to me last year (yes, in the negative) so i actually expected a response either way.

  3. I have always heard back from contests, usually in the form of some xeroxed listing of the winners, but it always takes forever. Are contests even worth the cost? Who knows?

    I’m glad I found your blog – thanks for linking!

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