Once upon a time, there used to be an awesome mailing list on yahoogroups called CONPO. I’m not sure what “CONPO” ever stood for literally, but membership on the mailing list got you a ton of writing opportunities. It was a portal for writing contests, journals that wanted submissions, and other creative writing outlets. The writing opportunity pie is very small, but that list made it feel a bit bigger.

One day, CONPO shut down. The owner of the list got overwhelmed with the work, I think, or maybe there was too much spam on the yahoogroup alias…I don’t remember the exact reason the list ended. It was re-born in the form of CRWOPPS on

Something about topica is not so user-friendly, and I haven’t checked the list so frequently. But it’s there, even if without the fire of CONPO.

I’ve found that writers rarely share opportunities. (Something about the pie being very small, and there not being many pieces to go around). But things like the CRWOPPS list are super cool. How else can the pie get bigger?



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2 responses to “CONPO and CRWOPPS

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  2. last time, i joined a writing contests on the internet and i won a small price for writing a nice piece of writing ,:,

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