oh back to my old tricks

Oh, but here I am, feeling so sheepish after my last post on the ironically titled “writing friendships.” I feel so slimy talking about “other” people here in unflattering terms–is this what writing in anonymity affords me? Cowardice? I’m disgusted. Bleah.

What will I use this grand old space of writing under a pseudonym for?  What BRAVE (and not cowardiced) things will I say?  What HONEST things will I say?  Of course, then again–if I can only be truthful and brave in the places where my identity is clear…well, I guess that’s not all bad either.  It’s an experiment to compare what I write here versus the blog with my real name on it.



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2 responses to “oh back to my old tricks

  1. I don’t think you should feel sheepish. I thought the honesty in that last post was provocative and good.

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