catalogue of ideas

there’s just a shitload of ideas around me, and i collect them. don’t have time to write a story about this or that, but i’ll jot the idea down–because who wants to run out of ideas? i write the ideas down on my hand, write them in a little notebook, and i email the ideas to myself a LOT (subject header: STORY IDEA BLAH BLAH).

i really really try NOT to blog them, or share them. i feel like then i really have released them to the universe, and that they are no longer my own thoughts.

ann lamott, in bird by bird says she jots down ideas on index cards and then files them away. i tried doing that for a little while but that was just too much work. emailing the story ideas as the subject header works a LOT better. with one click of a button on my mail client, i can sort through them alphabetically or by date of idea inception!

but there are a lot of story ideas i haven’t used. maybe i ought to be generous to the Muse and share one of them…maybe as a writing prompt? i’ll see, maybe if you’re interested?


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  1. I should try your email method. I have a box of ideas scribbled on scraps of paper but then I forget to put the scraps in the box so I’ll be cleaning out my dresser drawer and find an idea shoved in there with my socks. Sometimes I’m like: Oh, I have to write this story. Other times I am very confused because it makes no sense.

    Good luck with your many ideas! I hope someday to read one…

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