narny nar!

I am going to play hooky tomorrow. I am sick with exhaustion and stress and I’m not going to class. I have never ditched a class in all my time in my MFA program..but I am doing it.



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6 responses to “narny nar!

  1. narny nar! your post title just made me laugh out loud. I’m sorry you’re exhausted and stressed though, and I hope you have a really good day off.

  2. you’ve NEVER skipped a class in grad school?!? that’s insane! granted i feel worse for skipping in grad school than i did in undergrad, since i’m paying for it this go-round, but sometimes it’s necessary to skip to maintain sanity.

  3. yep, i have never skipped! and i’ve completed 4 semesters! so i don’t feel so bad, a girl’s allowed a break after all that time, i think. 🙂


  5. connie

    you should go to bloomingdales!

  6. i so LOVED ditching! and i so needed it, i was just so tired. i didn’t even have the strength to go to the bloomingdale’s opening, connie (whoa).

    i thought i woudl spend the afternoon baking or something equally soothing. but nope. i think i spent it in a comatose state, staring at the wall.

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