my fifteen pound male dog who has shown no previous semblance of desire now masturbates incessantly. it’s like he woke up and said “i want to get off!”

he rolls over on his back and tries to pull my hand towards his “lipstick.” he sidles over my foot and humps my foot. i’m trying to get away from him. his little face looks so sad and rejected. but i am not into bestiality and even though my little dog “loves” me i must refuse.

but i must ask.  where does this desire come from?

does it come from the same place an idea comes from?  where wonder resides?


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One response to “libido

  1. That is so funny/sad. My poor dog has had a permanent lipstick for the past four years, ever since he had a spinal cord injury. (it’s a neurological thing, I guess it can’t turn off)People have made mocking comments about his, er, condition, and I feel badly for him. I don’t know what is going on with your little darling, but I hope it passes soon.

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