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it’s a 3 year program for me

well bleah, thanks to the bureaucracy of my school and MFA program and my new intolerance for workshop classes, i will be staying another semester. the chain of circumstances:

  1. new intolerance for workshop classes evolves. hrm. suddenly cannot deal with ruminating about a work in progress anymore, nor can i deal with the insincerity of feedback. bleah.
  2. decide to drop workshop.
  3. but what will i do? this is my last semester, i need to add a graded elective to fulfill my degree credits and graduate.
  4. ah. will add this other class that i’ve already been enrolled in, and just not taking for credit. take THAT as my elective. yup.
  5. shit. i petitioned for it and the committee (there is a COMMITTEE for this? gimme a break! i suddenly miss UC Berkeley and its “who gives a damn” attitude)–anyway, the committee rejects my petition. tells me to take the class as some weird pass/no pass option thingie.
  6. bleah. still want to drop workshop class.
  7. going to drop workshop class, which will bring me under units.
  8. which means i will be taking one class next semester (one okay thing is that this will not cost me more money–going down to 1 unit this semester takes me to part-time tuition…and so it will be the same amount of money spent).
  9. result: going to still be in my MFA program.
  10. Call me Van Wilder.

Cool thing: won’t be taking workshop. I’m free!



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what is released?

Funny–I have never blogged in anonymity before, and I am a bit surprised at what I choose to blog about now that I have less accountability. Would I write about my family? Would I write more about my personal life? I fully expected that sordid tales about my family would arise.


I am writing about my writing, and my MFA program. Not as juicy as I thought it would be! But I guess I don’t have many complaints in the personal life department–but many more thoughts in my writing.

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