writing music clash

oooh, it feels like a tornado of music in our house this afternoon: my husband and i are spending an afternoon writing (very different things, but writing together, nonetheless).

his music list: R&B (right now, Mary J. Blige) and various reggae playing on the house stereo speakers.

mine, well you know. my list does not contain ANY reggae or R&B–the syncopated beats in those two music genres drive my brain waves wacky, I think, in a way that does not help my writing.  i’m listening to classical music and techno on my iPod.

so now it’s a bit of Mozart’s Requiem with Mary J. Blige as Mozart’s backup singer chick.



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2 responses to “writing music clash

  1. I agree. Mary J. Blige is not condusive to writing!

  2. i love radioIOambient, kcrw music, and hearts of space when i’m writing. although, i have been known to plow through academic writing while blaring wu-tang.

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