locking it all out

The other day my husband had a writing deadline.  He is not a writer, but he did have to write something for work, a long document of sorts.  Oh good, I thought–we could sit down and write together.

And then we started writing.  And I had to take a break.  But he kept on writing.  I went back to writing.  And I took a break.  But he kept on writing.  Two hours went by.  And I was stuck and stopped writing for the afternoon.  But he kept on writing.  I got hungry.  I wanted to eat.  But he kept on writing.   How was he doing?  He growled, “I’m WRITING,” and kept on writing.  I went out to run errands and fetch dinner.  While he kept on writing.  I came back with dinner.  And he was still writing.  “IN a MINUTE!” he said, not even looking up to check out the food.  I started eating by myself.

Not until he was finished with his document, seven hours from the beginning of our writing session, did he look up and eat.

Boy, I wish I could lock everything out (including HIM) when I write.  I just can’t lock him out of my mind when I write.  Just think of what I could accomplish if I had that ability to tunnel.



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5 responses to “locking it all out

  1. vintagefan

    That was really cute. By eleven for me it’s lights out, no matter what I’ve got brewing in my head, because it disturbs his sleep.

  2. Theories Blogger

    vintage fan, don’t you have a room of your own? Important for wives AND husbands. Or at least a different room in the house where the wakeful one can toss and create as needed.

    Jade park, I too envy your husband’s focus. I want me some of that tunnel vision.

  3. I’m so jealous! I wish I could do that, but then again, it’s much more difficult when you don’t have deadlines, and it’s much more difficult when you write ALL the time and not just once in a blue moon. Still, I envy his ability to focus for so long.

  4. I wonder what I have to do to achieve that level of focus for so long. It has to be possible! I know it comes from within–I went to a writing colony and I *still* found myself getting up and taking frequent breaks and otherwise distracting myself.

  5. Heh, actually, I can do it, but I have to restrain myself from doing so because it’s really bad for you physically, especially if you do it multiple days in a row. I don’t know whether it’s just something some people do, if it’s a guy thing — I’ve mostly only known guys who could do it, though that might only be anecdotal — or what.

    People from Clarion West still tease me about my prodigious output, which, all told, wasn’t sustained all that long at a time… and I still got some pretty uncomfortable physical symptoms for my trouble.

    Some people do it in little bits, some in occasional marathons. One of the group’s most revered instructors said he only writes 1000 words a day and then calls it quits for that particular day.

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