I’m in La-La Land, television is on my mind (natch)

I’m in LA–sequestered in my hotel room now, reveling in the free wifi and keeping one eye on my dogs who are still investigating every square inch of carpet, bed, upholstery, etc., etc. (Tell me, dogs, what do you smell? Should I avoid that patch of the carpet?)

Earlier, I wrote about the pratfall of Meredith’s choice on “Grey’s Anatomy,” one of the many shows that distract me from writing I’m addicted to these days (Lost (what up with the polar bear?!) , Dancing With the Stars, House, CSI, etc.).  The writers definitely wimped out with the whole “Meredith is NOT going to choose either of them,” and then totally flunked out with “Meredith has turned down Finn and will now pursue Derek, who suddenly (and so very conveniently) decides he doesn’t want to pursue her anymore.”  Man, that Derek character is a writer’s best friend, he’ll just do anything the writers ask him to!  He just gave up a lot of sex with Meredith to play along with the new “plot twist.”  I hope I’m not such a tyrant with my characters (though I’m sure I am).

Still, I love the show, if only for the music and for Sandra Oh and for all the sexy doctors.

But the writer in me keeps wincing as I watch that show!  Now Izzy is doubling back on her decision to “quit being a doctor.”  This too, happens suddenly (and ahem, conveniently, for those tyrant writers) as she watches Christina practices her “running whip stitch” during heart surgery.  The passion!

Which makes me feel like the two main story arcs/cliffhangers from last season were all a bunch of red herrings.  Last season ended with:  Meredith has to choose between Finn and Derek…and Izzy quits her residency.

Now, a few weeks into this season, Meredith has wimped out and then doubled back to Derek….and Izzy is doubling back on her decision to quit.  What was the point of the cliffhangers if they’re not propelling the storyline forward?

Still, I love this show.  I’ve got to figure out, despite some of the contrived writing, why I’m so hooked.  The writers must be doing something right; if/when my writing gets messy, may I still have that kind of hook into the reader.


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