Daily Archives: October 30, 2006

Update on the Doritos Addiction

The Doritos Addiction is fierce. I quit smoking 2 years ago (ah yes, thereby ruining the repose of my “angst ridden writer smoking cigarette while contemplating angst of protagonist with unfulfilled desire and road of challenges and maybe even heartbreak” while healing the cilia in my lungs and extending my lifespan by a few years)…but now I’m hooked on Doritos.

I’ve been hooked since summer, when I rebelled against the “healthy diet” at the writing colony. I was being so “good” I wanted to be “bad.” Doritos made me BAAAAD. Yah. BAAAAD. Orange-neon-bits-everywhere-in-my-cottage BAAAAD.

I thought I kicked the habit last month, and I had a couple of Doritos-free weeks in there, but now I’m back with the craving-of-the-Doritos.

But now it’s because they’re GOOOOOD.



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