here we go

here we go with the writing interruptions: escalating work commitments (btw, I actually like my job and my work)…and a trip to New York City tomorrow!  I keep chanting to myself, “It will inform my writing.”



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8 responses to “here we go

  1. Yes, it will. And have a wonderful trip!!!

  2. I’m envious. Love New York. Hey, you can write on the plane…NaNoWriMo. BTW, I’m not writing for it today, it’s been too busy, too much school stuff, now it’s late and I need to go to bed.

  3. trip cancelled! i don’t think i’ll EVER make it to New York. Most hilarious thing ever. I have been trying to make it out to New York since 2003 for various reasons, and have NOT made it out there for various reasons.


  4. What’s up with that? Jet Blue goes every day, super cheap. Need a place to stay? I have a bunch of different friends with extraordinarily large (but very bohemian) apartments/houses. But I’ll bet the issue isn’t plane fare and hotel. Do you have weird New York karma?

    November isn’t the greatest month anyway, although with climate change I guess the weather will be better than it used to be. Try again in the spring, after graduation. May is fabulous in NYC. Or go at Christmas. Everybody likes NYC at Christmas.

  5. right–not a matter of plane fare and hotel. just bad timing. lots of work, too much back to back travel for the hubby in the upcoming weeks, and some looming deadlines for both of us.

    definitely have weird New York Travel karma. this is like, the 2nd time this year i’ve cancelled a trip to NYC…and the 6th time in the last 3 years.

    someday, someday.

  6. Oh, too bad! But it’s been raining all day, if that helps any?

  7. ah, nova–you are kind to cheer me up! i am at the mountain retreat now–missed a trip to NY, and still going to make the most of what’s left.

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