ah–today i did some lurking.  i went to the school library to do some research for a lit paper…and made a detour in the bound theses.  there, i read the theses of my past classmates.  i felt like such a lurker.



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3 responses to “lurking

  1. I’ve been thinking of doing exactly the same. But our mutual teacher told us to! THat’s how she finished *her* Ph.D. thesis. She went and looked at what other people did.

    Hey, can I bitch now about my director? I went to see her about my thesis and she couldn’t have been less interested. She said “I’ve never heard of a thesis being denied.” She’s not really going to read it – she’s just figuring this out as she goes along, and she seemed completely uninterested in the process. I thought I had this cool committee but I picked the two most hands off folks at the ranch.

  2. Good thing we’re bitching anonymously. Thesis director handed back a bunch of stuff for workshop with such kind comments. I am doing work I am proud of, and childishly grateful that she likes it. I went to see her when she was hungry and tired, so she was being her direct, brusque self. I’m just writing better with her than with any other teacher of my life. So there. And I’ll bet Mr. Reader will be perfectly good, too, as you pointed out in a private email, Jade.

    Everything is working together for good in this world – so says a friend of mine to quell his fits of the negatives. It usually turns out to be true…

  3. yes–i love it when our gut leads us to the right path. 🙂 i just cleaned out my drawers today: they were filled with all my workshop feedback. my manuscripts and the written feedback totalled to several armloads of papers.

    i kept the feedback and one copy of each manuscript and threw the rest away for the sake of space.

    i sat down and read some of the comments. it was interesting–some of the things i was not ready to hear back then, i am ready to hear now, and hungry for. and i am overwhelmed at how kind my workshop instructor feedback was.

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