well. there are detours in plans and sometimes they are the best part. my trip to NYC got cancelled, and so i find myself at our mountain retreat! so relaxing. it’s cold outside and i love cozying up indoors. my husband is snoring on the couch and the doggies are asleep, even though it’s just barely past 9pm. something about the thin air? i don’t know.

maybe i’ll end up with a few surprises in my writing, too. i’m taking lots of detours in my writing these days.

Update: it looks like snow this weekend up here!  a storm and dropping temperatures (in the teens tonight).  my spirits are continuing to lift.



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4 responses to “detour

  1. You’re not in NYC? Oh bummer, and I was going to have a vicarious thrill through you. Ah well — enjoy enjoy that first snow. Good writing and interesting detours.

  2. Yes–cancelled. I was disappointed. The news unfolded on the comments thread for “here we go” post. Bad timing: hubby has so many biz trips this month and he didn’t want to get on yet another plane, we both had deadlines looming, etc.

    6th planned NYC trip in a row to get cancelled! (6 in the last 3 years). 2nd planned NYC trip this year to get cancelled! BLEEAH.

    but a weekend at the mountain house is much more restful–rest is really what i need in practical terms.

  3. It feels like it’s going to snow here, too! I’m wearing my down jacket today – indoors!

  4. i saw the temps in Berkeley–wonderful! i love the cold–but it’s like 40F here, and 12F at night! i love it.

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