Miss Snark is the shit

I love Miss Snark. She is just so…snarky-delicious. A literary agent with a liberated id! But behind her entertaining and biting commentary are some very valuable lessons and insights into writing and publishing.  For instance, she has a feature called “the crapometer,” where she invites readers/writers to mail in their novel synopses–then, she rips them apart in public from the perspective of being a literary agent (you’ll deefinitely know what NOT to do by the end of the submission parade). Snarky AND enlightening. See?

Her most recent post is called Why Miss Snark Love Satan. Catchy. You think it’s a reference to her snarkiness and “evil” behavior. Yes. But it’s also a wonderful craft lesson on how to write villains:

Why I Love Satan

1. He started out on top of the world and fell
2. He hangs out on burning lakes without his hair catching on fire
3. He’s a leader of devils
4. He cheats on Death
5. He’s not much on Divine Intervention to solve his problems.

you’ll notice I don’t love Satan cause he’s evil.

You might think about that when you’re creating villains.

This post is inspired by three query letters describing the villian as “evil”. Evil in and of itself is boring. Fallen and flawed angels….that’s where it gets interesting.

I just thought I’d share. And yes, I discovered Miss Snark months and months ago from my friend Susan, who is becoming my personal web spider.



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5 responses to “Miss Snark is the shit

  1. Personal web spider?! What is that!

  2. well it used to be a program in the olden days of the internet (or do they still exist) when if you wanted your website to appear on yahoo or one of the other web directories like hotwired.com, it would have to be “confirmed to exist” by a “web spider” that they had crawl the internet “web” on a regular basis.

    so like, when i realize that you have provided me with so many great links, i keep envisioning you going out onto the net and crawling and finding all these great things and bringing them to my notice!

  3. I think a spider in internet world is a kind of software that crawls around the web looking for things. When you post something about velvet popsicles one night, and the next morning you google same and up comes your post, well, the spider was working in the night.

    I *think* I got that right. Jadepark will know the real answer.

    Even if I have the technical (!) concept wrong, I believe the general sense is that a web spider is someone/thing that sorts out the info you want from the billions and billions of posts flooding the worldwide web.

    It’s not a derogatory remark!

  4. leonessa: you are spot on. 🙂

    yes, not a derogatory remark at all! but more of a cutesy reference? definitely intended to be positive!

  5. mel

    haven’t read miss snark in a while, thanks for posting this!

    snarkalicious. yes.

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