the perfect fellowship essays

‘Tis the season for application essays! For those of you writing MFA, Fellowship, and Residency application essays, I direct you to distraction no. 99, where nova has posted some honest comic relief in a post titled, “Failed Fellowship Essays.”

You know you’re going to laugh when you start reading:

Dear Fellowship Committee:
Please, please, please let me in. I’ll owe you forever. Plus, I’ll bring chocolate.

I’ve thought the same thing myself!


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3 responses to “the perfect fellowship essays

  1. Short, sweet, and to the point. If I was on the selection committee, I’d say yes!

  2. oh, and there’s MORE! but i didn’t want to swipe the whole post here. it gets funnier!

  3. If only it were so easy! I’d just throw chocolate at everyone…

    Thanks 😉

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