“Why HER?!”

I try to be the kind of writer who wants to help others succeed, especially friends. I think that, coming from the business world, I see a lot of people mentoring others and helping people move forward with their careers (despite the widespread perception that people in biz are backbiting, backstabbing cretins).  It’s inspiring, and a model I like to replicate.

Besides, I like it when my friends succeed. I think we all help each other get to the next level, somehow, like hobbits making the trek to throw the ring into the fire of Mordor.

But–I hate myself for this, but there is ONE person I HATE seeing succeed.  I hate it, I hate it.

I have thought long and hard why I burn when I see her succeed, and it’s because she’s mean, mean, mean.  Without even bringing up the topic myself, I’ve learned from others that she is mean to THEM, too.  And that THEY don’t like her either.  So I am not alone in feeling the cruelty of this person.

That is my evil thought of the day.  Thanks.



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9 responses to ““Why HER?!”

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  2. Can you email me privately and tell me who it is?

    Ok, just kidding. I stopped gossipping for Lent.

    But really, can you just give me a little hint? Camp Marzipan grad?

  3. Ahh, the old good, the bad and the mean. We all hate seeing that mean one succeed. But eventually, other people figure out that they are mean, too. And they say to themselves, I got your number, meanie writer xyz. And it becomes delicious to hate them a bit. As you say, it figures THEY would do such a thing. But, like the movie Mean Girls, we have to be careful how closely we track their meanness, lest we ourselves become mean. (I never follow this zen line of advice..in fact it’s you, who introduced me to the movie..but just popped into my head to say this in order to try to pretend I never am bothered by the successes of the mean, tho..i am.)

  4. oh, i have one of these two. she makes me want to tear out my own hair. i just don’t get it. i’ve stopped bitching about her to friends because i feel like i’m just spreading my bad vibes around…but every once and awhile, i really let loose.

  5. um, “too”. i’ve been migrainey. i think that explains my mix up of homonyms.

  6. I don’t like mean people either, and I think mean writers are the worst. And unfortunately I’ve run into a good number of them at conferences/colonies, and I’m like an elephant: I totally remember. I harbor my own list of Mean Writers I Hope Will Fail. But I agree with wildguppy in her infinite wisdom, that if I think about it too much, I become mean myself. So I try not to dwell on it too much.

  7. mel

    I’m with all of you. Hate the mean ones. I like to kvetch about them regularly, in moderation (keeps it out of my system). I also comfort myself with the belief that those who act out of ill intent will be their own undoing, whether they realize it or not.

  8. If you lived nearby I’d wonder if you were talking about the Mean Writer Girl (MWG) I know because that is exactly who I thought of as I started reading this. I don’t want to resent MWG, but I do, every success she has just makes it worse, and her bragging doesn’t help either. It’s very hard to get past. I wish I were a bigger (better) person.

  9. I guess we all have a MWG in our lives!

    My particular MWG is mean and NEVER gives out a compliment. EVER. Not about your shoes, not even an insincere compliment, let alone anything about your writing. When she wins something, she fishes for compliments (and pouts about it when she doesn’t hear any). When someone ELSE wins? Oh boy. Dead silence. If you give her your manuscript to read (because SHE asks for it)? Nothing. She actually doesn’t get around to reading it.

    Oh. I need to stop! (“KeepItTogether…K…I…T…KeepItTogether….”)

    One thing I’ve learned is that I should try my best to be nice as a fellow writer.

    And see? It’s possible–look at us all here, cheering each other on. 🙂

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