crying crying

a rough draft of my 20 page paper is done. i’m back to writing my novel, continuing with some very painful experiences for my protagonist. right now, he is walking through snow to safety. w

i can’t help but think of james kim and his family, out and alone in the cold for so long, waiting for their nightmare to end. i saw the map of james kim’s journey and it kills me to see the effort visualized like that. yes, this despite my previous fear of watching the news.

crying, crying.
and like james kim, my protagonist struggles onward to safety through the wilderness, one foot in front of the other. will my character become such a good man? i hope so.



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2 responses to “crying crying

  1. I haven’t touched my novel since the news was released that James Kim died. One of my main characters is a young Asian guy, who wears glasses, is kind of hip and cool, in the techie world in San Francisco. He IS James Kim. (and he has a wife and 2 kids, too) His name was eerily similar to James Kim’s. I’m kinda freaked out. When I saw photos of JK, I thought, he looks just like I imagine my character would look! I know that when I get back to writing (hopefully this afternoon?) it will be really emotional. Aw man.

    And looking at that map just totally killed me. Where he left his pants was so close to the road. Where he died was so close (crow flying) to his family. And the fact that they were so close to that cabin that could have saved them… agh.

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