brain brain

I am feeling strange. My brain is in a weird state right now–a combination of short brain games and lack of memory. While taking on the concept of a brain game earlier today, I suffered a memory overhaul. Now I can’t say what I want to say or remember what I want to remember. It’s just a weird situation.


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6 responses to “brain brain

  1. okay. just not remembering my old jokes or writing anything super-complex. weird weird weird! friends are visiting us up here, and everytime i say “hey, remember when…?” i realize that memory is gone. then someone says something to tease the memory and i remember it again, but can’t remember the words. intersting, huh?

  2. Now in hindsight (as I type this nearly 2 months later), I recognize that this post reflects the aphasia I was going through. I couldn’t find the right words and so in a sense I did not make sense, even though it made sense IN MY HEAD.

    Of course, now in hindsight I cannot believe I was blogging right after my stroke. I guess it is just my constant desire to write and communicate with the world.

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