things to look forward to

One of my survival skills is to make sure that there is always something in my life to look forward to. I’m not going to enroll in my MFA program this semester, though I hope to make some progress (eventually) on my thesis/novel (when I can write again). Now I’ve got to think about what I can do to keep my progress going, keep myself motivated, regain my memories and mind, etc.

In lieu of school–what can I do? Things to consider

  • Travel.
  • The AWP Conference
  • Just chilling out.
  • Lots of reading, once I can read.

Hrm. I need to work on pumping up that list. That pathetic list may be a lot of why I’ve been feeling low.

Update: I’ve come to realize that I’m up against a lot of my lifelong habits on this one. I’ve always depended on my brain/memory for entertainment and stimulation, and here I am, looking for physical-based, non-brainiac sources of stimulation. Oh boy.



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3 responses to “things to look forward to

  1. Traveling, chilling out and reading sound great. (those are my three favorite things, ever)

    I wonder if there is some kind of project you could do that could be engaging but not tax you in ways that will stress you out. Didn’t you say you used to do a lot of quilting? or a class in something completely different, like music or art. Something nonverbal?

    I really love the AWP Conference but it is a massively stimulating overload of an experience for a person in ANY condition, let alone someone who is easily overwhelmed. You might be feeling super genki by end of February, but I’d caution against this one.

  2. You are right, the AWP conference will probably be overwhelming. But I put it up there just so –well, the list wouldn’t be so pathetic! The other thing to do is the Fancy Food Show.

    But yes–I’m lacking the “nonverbal activities”–boy oh boy!

  3. i think that’s a notable list! look at me, i’m on the four year track as well at my program and i have no good excuse. i’m just neurotic… but this term and this summer, i’m actually going to be writing. and that is very exciting!

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