Nova is writing some letters to “The World.” In order, they are addressed to “Powers That Be,” “Mean People,” “Fake People,” “Short Stories in My Head,” and “Post Office”–hello, just THOSE addressees are enough to send me giggling! Are they really “The Writer’s World?” Perhaps so. Anyway, the letters are brilliant and they cheered me up.

Here’s the first of her letters, just to give you some flavor:

Dear Powers That Be:

I have heard a rumor that if you would like your life to change, you must do something about it yourself. For instance, a person who might be intrigued to find herself working a new job might actually have to send out her résumé. A writer who wants to be published has to contact agents and publishers, no matter how long it takes.

My question to you is, have you ever considered changing the order of events? For instance, I am here, easily findable, just try Google. Might an opportunity fall into my lap?

I will practice sitting, waiting for the drop.

Awaiting your reply,



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3 responses to “letters

  1. You’re sweet, thanks so much, Jade! I could have kept going… I mean maybe if I write enough letters, SOMETHING will come of it, right?

    p.s. I am so so glad you’re feeling better. Can’t say that enough.

  2. they ARE funny, aren’t they, wildguppy? 🙂

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