Body Language

Okay. I can’t figure out the slang term for “boosting” or whatever the freaking word is, but I want to bring a friend’s (well, TWO friends–Neeta Jain and Dagan Coppock) book to your attention! The name of the book is Body Language, and it contains poems about the medical training experience. I met both Neeta and Dagan at a writing conference a few years ago, and they are just superfantastic poets _and_ doctors. Now they have an anthology out.

Of course, a book release is not without its PR campaign. One of Neeta’s interviews is on YouTube. There’s an interview on KRON-TV somewhere (once it’s up, I’ll post it) And the book has been highlighted on NPR (click on Thursday and Friday to read the poems).

Check the book out.



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4 responses to “Body Language

  1. i think it’s called plugging. 🙂

    a poetry book about medical training experience – so why is it called body language?

  2. Whoa Jade…I haven’t read your blog in awhile and then when I read you had a stroke, I went into denial. I had to read from the date you first mentioned it until now. I hope you do make a full recovery. I am sure they (the medical profession) has run a battery of tests on you and you are on some medications to thin your blood. Have you noticed any of your short term memory returning??? Did they have any suggestions for preventing future ones?

  3. I think you mean “plug” 🙂

  4. bustopher: yes, that is the word! (i have problems “finding the right word” these days).

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