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Last night, I dreamt that it snowed in my backyard, light handfuls of snow fluttering down from the sky. Enough snow fell to cover the trees, the steps, and our pool cover. In my dream, my hubby and I walked through the snow, mystified and yet elated.

It was the first dream I’ve remembered dreaming since the stroke.

I woke up this morning to sunshine streaming through the curtains. Today was a sunny day, in contrast to my dream, and an odd and striking way to wake up. I had left one dark and snowy world for a sunny morning. I took the dogs downstairs as usual. Slipped on my wool slippers as usual these days. That sort of thing. All in a groggy stupor.

Then I checked the news online. It really had snowed last night here in the Bay Area.



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5 responses to “the dream reality link

  1. Isn’t this weather nuts? I’m looking out my office window in Oakland at sheets of ice on the roof of a neighboring building.

    When you start having dreams of earthquakes, do put out the word, Jade…

  2. I stayed up until two, sticking my head out into the freezer of my backyard every twenty minutes to see if the rain had molted into something more spectacular (it hadn’t). Now I learn that I should have gone to sleep for the snow!

  3. I had a dream about snow on your backyard last night too! Weird. I think because I saw the news report before going to bed and new there could be snow, and you have such a lovely back yard, I thought it would be a good dream-snow backdrop. This is very strange.

  4. wildguppy: how bizarre–is this not the 2nd time you and i have had intersecting dreams? perhaps we will meet in the dreamworld soon, and then i wonder what will happen in that dimension. πŸ˜› anyway, in my dream, my backyard did look lovely covered in snow, fyi. πŸ™‚

    was there snow in your ‘hood?

    momentums: ah no! you missed the snow!

    Matt Ellsworth: it must be eerily beautiful to see all the ice everywhere. i will definitely blog if i dream about earthquakes. πŸ˜‰

  5. Once when I lived on the Berkeley border, I dreamed there was an earthquake, and a little voice said something like 3.6. It was very clear and very matter of fact. I woke up. The clock said 5 a.m. I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up to read and write. An hour later, wide awake, I was sitting at my desk when the house shook. An earthquake! The weird thing is that it was in fact a 3.6. !!!!

    I’ve never replicated this feat again so don’t ask me when the big one will hit.

    My witchy neighbor said that I was spending a lot of time “attuning myself to earth energies” by sitting on the ground a lot. I had been sunbathing and lying around the yard, it was true. She attributes the forecast to that. So maybe if you want to predict the big one you have to nap on the ground regularly.

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