i wonder if my brain smells like toast–for it is totally up in smoke!  i can’t think, i can’t retain anything (at work, i offered a little thingie to someone and they looked at me weird and said, “Sure, but you just offered it to me a little while ago.”)  bleah.   i did some work today and then my brain went kaput.  i guess i really did have a stroke.

oh well.

there are those days.

hello, stroke.  i haven’t forgotten you.



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3 responses to “toast

  1. Will you or are you going thru any rehabilitation to deal with the effects of the stroke Jade? I haven’t read anything you have written to indicate it.

  2. Hi LeRoy–I haven’t written much about it, mostly because it’s hard to keep track in my head what to write about, so I only write about what I think to write about (hope that makes sense). I find it’s easier to write when things just occur to me these days, since my brain is very tender and I’m still very much in recovery, despite all my writing here.

    That said–I wrote a little about what you asked today. Yes, I’m on blood thinners and all that stuff.

  3. Thanks Jade for the update…just know that I (we) are thinking about you and really hoping you have a speedy recover even though I know these things are so individualistic and can take time. Keep us posted. We care about you!

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