from the couch

Okay, I’ve become a couch potato these days–my doctor has forbade me to exercise and I cannot read…so there’s the television.  I can’t even work at work that often (3 hours a week is my limitation)–gah, I am boring myself.  Unbelievable.

I must say–there is a HELL of a lot of “reality tv” these days, and it is beginning to show.  Where are the “real” TV shows, you know the ones that require writing and acting and scripts?  Right now, “Lost” is on hiatus–and “Grey’s Anatomy,” “House,” and “Desperate Housewives” are only a few days of the week.  WHERE are the comedies?  Bleah.  This couch potato says “television sucks.”

Then again, I have started watching “Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” and my brain is slowly acclimating.

Help!  Please Stroke G*ds, bring back my ability to read books and write fiction soon!



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  1. mel

    Well, “Heroes” just came back on. And “Lost” will return soon. I think “The Sopranos” will as well.

    I have to say, I do enjoy some reality TV for the guilty pleasure it is (says she who admits to watching “I Love New York” – yes, there, I said it!). It’s just an exercise in how weird life can be and how idiosyncratic folks really are. (And how some sh&t, you just can’t make up!)

    Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency? Hmm. I bet that’s funny…in its own disturbing way.

  2. oh man. I just got our Tivo started and I am signing up for everything. I could watch TV 15 hours a day if i just watched everything on my Playlist. All the movies of John Sayles! Everything with Meryl Streep and Liam Neeson in it. I’m going nuts.

    Yay for “Lost” coming back next week. HUGE YAY.
    Ironically, I love watching “What Not To Wear.” It always makes me sob and wish that someone would nominate me, because I NEVER know what to wear.

  3. I’m thinking it’s a good time to either get yourself a TIVO and a good satellite subscription, or else to indulge in a few boxed set DVDs of TV shows you’ve been planning to watch. 🙂

  4. After spending five-plus months on the couch last year unable to focus or move, I feel your viewing displeasure! If you’d like to borrow the entire run of My So-Called Life or the amazing and VERY long (at least thirty hours and great for illness since you can pause whenever) BBC WWII documentary, World at War, let me know. I promise no internet person weirdness and would loan to an errand-running husband as well.

    I remember trying to make the late-night choice between an episode of Roseanne and Reality Show 3,445 during a patch when I couldn’t do anything else and really needed a distraction. It was ugly. I’m sure it remains ugly.

  5. LeRoy Dissing

    Jade…try the library or video store to rent something that will interest you. I find it interesting that your doctor says no exercise. Does that include walking too? Perhaps just going to work with hubby might be more exciting than staying home.

  6. Ah yes, I do have a TiVO and Satellite (we are all hooked up for TV here)–and yes, even with all the 500 channels, there isn’t that much to watch (can you believe it).

    I think I *will* have to check out DVDs! That’s a good idea to get a whole series of a TV show on DVD and watch it.

    Finally, at least, I will get a sense of “story” if I were to watch something OTHER than “reality television.”

  7. Yeah, there are actually quite a few shows beginning soon and so many DVDs to watch. If you haven’t seen The Wire, rent the first season of that. GREAT show. So are The Office (British and American both) and The Extras. There’s way more good TV out there than I have time to watch!

  8. I was at Costco the other day and was very tempted to buy the entire Sex and the City series. All 6 seasons were only $150 and the series came in a cool collector’s box with extras…

    And my high school favorite, “Martin” is finally on DVD. Gotta love old school Martin Lawrence.

  9. You should watch the godfather trilogy, (though that’s not really a comedy) Always a favorite of mine when I have a lot of time.

    As far as t.v. shows go, I really like the show Ugly Betty. It’s my guilty pleasure. I think it’s funny and cute and you can see re-runs online.

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