the brain is smoking

My brain is sending out death knells–every sound is loud and brash and every thought slippery. A thought is in my head for a second before it skitters away.

Today was a hard day.

These days, a hard day is really obvious. For instance, I don’t remember the thought that made me start writing here. It’s one of those thoughts that have gone out into the atmosphere, lost. Like so many thoughts.



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5 responses to “the brain is smoking

  1. I had a rough day too. Going to campus also sent me over the edge with people from the MFA program being the trigger. I’m at home twittering and trying to relax from it all. Strange we were both on campus and didn’t see each other. I was there around 2:30. I think that people are lame and annoying. Don’t let them get you down. I love that you sent that email to the person who said that bullshit comment. They were being passive agressive, the usual MFA program way. Take heart.

  2. I am sorry you had a hard day Jade. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one. I am glad you are here and able to write down your thoughts and feelings. (hug)…I will keep my hug to one today *smile*

  3. Keeping writing! Keep blogging!

    Even a phrase, a wisp of a thought…anything. I have so much faith in you. Prayers, blessings, happy thoughts to you.

  4. wildguppy: I was there at around 2:30pm! amaaazing…and I spent time in the English bldg, in front of the library, and of course walked back and forth past the uh, refreshment area. I must have missed you by a millimeter.

    I think something bad was in the air that afternoon. Morning visit wasn’t so bad, but the afternoon visit destroyed me.

    Thanks everyone. I have a ton of things to write here due to the whole stimulation of yesterday–! But of course, I still have to organize it all in my head and in my darling moleskine.

  5. jade, sorry it was such a hard day. I loved seeing you in your blue dots! 🙂

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