impulse books of hope


These days, I cannot read much before my brain gets tired processing the words and then the reading becomes a jumble of letters. I can push myself to read on through “the wall,” but then what’s the point? I don’t remember what I read. So I have to be very respectful of my limits these days.

But I still have lots of hope and expectations for my future reading–and I’m emboldened by the fact that I can browse a bookstore without short circuiting (whereas grocery stores and Best Buy cause my brain to melt). At least, that’s what I discovered the other day when I walked into Eastwind Books in Berkeley, on an impromtu outing after feeling stifled with boredom. I burst into the store and walked up and down the aisles, waiting for the familiar but alarming sense of chaos in my brain–but it never came. Of course, I didn’t actually open up the books, but I began choosing them by title–just impulsively purchasing what I thought I might be interested in.


I brought them home and they sit on my kitchen table, waiting for me to read them when I am well.



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6 responses to “impulse books of hope

  1. w

    If you want a “reading partner,” I’ll gladly pick some of these up and read with you. The only book I have in the mix is Susan Choi’s; I’m very curious about these others!

  2. I read Clay Walls when I was in my MFA Program! (Asian American women writers; I wonder if they still teach that….) Also love A Single Square Picture. And I am dying to get American Born Chinese: is that one easier or harder to take in, since it is a graphic novel?

  3. Looks like an excellent to-be-read pile!

  4. Girl, we live in the same ‘hood. Not to scare you or anything. I promise not to stalk or otherwise bug you.

    My home away from home is Pegasus on Shattuck.

    When you’re ready, Choi’s American Woman is awesome. When you’re ready. I want to read the one you got, too.

    If the best buy that f’d you up is the one I’m thinking of–E-ville?? I HATE going there. That whole shopping area is horrible, horrible, horrible.

    Hope you are feeling okay today. At least sort of okay.

    Miss BK

  5. hi w–once i can start reading at anywhere near a normal place, for sure! that sounds exciting and a solid and fantastic idea for the future. 🙂

    susan–i bought these books for the future, and haven’t even opened them up. but yes, maybe ABC might be easier to grasp given that it’s a graphic novel. i’ll get back to you.

    elizabeth–thanks…i can’t wait to be able to read them!

    barkingkitten: you are not scaring me at all–i do love Pegasus! i have Choi’s American Woman on my shelf still, too (that’s been there a few months)…boy oh boy i have a ton of reading i’d like to do. and yes, i’m speaking of the E-ville Best Buy. It is “E-ville.”

    i’m feeling okay today–will post soon.

  6. I really wanted to love American Woman, but I did not. Looking forward to your response, when you get to it.

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