10 Things I Like

I visited Charlotte Otter over at her site, Charlotte’s Web and she assigned me the “letter W” to write about 10 Things I Like.  Seeing as how I’ve been in the doldrums, I think it would be a good exercise for me to write about things I like…

(Okay, I have discovered this is very mentally challenging for me these days, oddly enough. What are words that start with “w?” This pushes on a part of the brain that I haven’t used for awhile or maybe I do not like many things that start with “w”)

1. Water. I know, a very bland word for something very miraculous and soothing to my psyche–I’m guessing I’m not alone, given all the desktop water fountains I find in stores these days. In fact, right now, the rain is pounding down and making the world feel very small and cozy. I also love oceans and lakes and rivers and fog and ice cubes and well, every form H2O takes.

2. Work. Even though I complain about having to do it, I must admit…I like work in its many forms. Work means being productive, I do so like having a product.

3. Which brings me to Writing. The act of writing is my first love and one that I carry out sometimes with great desperation and others with great care. Regardless, I can’t imagine my life without writing. It is what gives me relief and exhilaration. Especially writing fiction–I can’t wait to be able to write again.

4. Winning. Yes. I love to win.

5. Wands. For some reason, the idea of a wand (yes, as in Harry Potter) greatly appeals to me. I wish I had one, and if I did, I’d be curious as to what my wand would look like and what it might be comprised of.

6. Dessert Wine. (That’s got a W in it, right?). I love dessert wine. Yes I do. Even though I cannot drink right now, I am imagining a glass of Chateau d’Yquem and feeling my toes tickle.

7. Winter. I like winter, with its jackets and snow and rain and barren trees and cold cold cold air.

8. Woods. There is something mysterious yet simple, about the woods. I like walking (yes, that’s a W word!) through them too.

9. Words. I really like them, I really do. They are the writer’s raw materials, and it never ceases to amaze me the ways in which a writer can line up words and make miraculous sentences and images and stories. In the end, they’re all words, but in a particular order. Fantastic!

10. Wonder. I have always been in love with the concept of “wonder,” and I acknowledge how little of this feeling I have for most of my life. I like wonder, I could live with a little more of it in my life and perspective.


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16 responses to “10 Things I Like

  1. I love your list; it’s full of simple but wonderful things. I think I’d also like a wand.

  2. Wacky and wild, my witty friend, a wonderful list.

    Enjoy your weekend. I’ve been meaning to say hello. Here it is: hello! I’m a lurker nowadays; you hear less from me, but I’m still reading Jadepark.

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  4. Who knew the letter “w” could be full of so much fun. I love your list. It makes me want to do a list of my own.

  5. Hi Stephanie–well then, I assign you the letter “G!”
    Have fun.

  6. Yes me too. meee tooo. Can you assign me a letter? I want to try. I love your w’s. Whatever the first letter that comes into your head I’ll do.

  7. And meeeeeeeee! I’d like a letter. 🙂

  8. wildguppy: H!
    gordsellar: M!

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  11. Allie

    I think that is great!

  12. W lover

    I’m totally going to a birthday party and I need an idea of something to dress up as that starts with a W. And since you’ve mastered the W list, I assumed you’d be of great help. Person, place, or thing starting with W, GO!

  13. A willow tree or a whooping crane or witch? (off the top of my head anyway).

  14. w

    Er… a friend dressed up as a giant weed bag for Halloween, inspired by a character in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

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