Happy New Year

btw–Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! It is now the year of the (Golden) Pig, and I’m looking forward to a new fortune. My goal for today is to get me a big bowl of Korean dduk gook (rice cake soup) to kick off the year.

Update: My father, like W’s at Loud Solitude was born in the year of the pig. I have had my conflicts with him, but also have a HUGE connection to him (and I credit him with much of my writing inspiration) so I feel that is the kind of year I will have: one full of passion and inspiration and successful connections.

I wonder, at this point, about my stroke, which occurred, technically, in 2006 on New Year’s Eve…but the aftereffects of which I have carried on into 2007 and now the year of the Pig. What fortune does this new development carry? Did it prophylactically fulfill “bad luck” and do I now run free, with the feeling that lightning will not stroke twice?

The above questions are significant in that they do set a mood for the year ahead.

What a way to end/begin a year…and I look forward to the journey ahead. What WILL the new year bring?



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8 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Richard

    Lunar New Year, not Chinese New Year (despite what Chinese people always try to claim).

    Since it’s now the year of the Pig, I’m going to go over to Luscious Dumplings or Dragon Mark and get some pork dumplings. I’m just glad it’s not the year of the Snake or Monkey.

  2. You are right–“Lunar New Year” is proper.

  3. arilyne

    Without a doubt! I’m soaking my dduk as we speak! Sadly, I only have one egg. To a new year and new adventures!

  4. In a year from now, you will know for sure. But I agree with you Jade, the New Year will bring many new and different connections. As to how good the New Year will be…..will probably depend largely on your reaction to what it brings your way. If we started from New Year’s Eve when you had your stroke, I’d say you show great resiliency. The ingredients are there to make this one of the more “memorable” years of your life.

  5. Your observation about bad luck and running free made me smile. H-man and I were in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. We were in the epicenter, and incredibly fortunate–we lived in a wooden building that bent but did not break. Still, I was terrified. For a long time afterward I joked that since I’d been in a major quake, I was immune to others. Further, anybody near me acquired earthquake immunity.

    Now maybe it’s worn off, tho.

    Happy New Year!

  6. gung hay fat choy.

    i am glad to see that your rehab is on track. i hope it all goes well and you’re back in action 110% soon.


  7. w

    Wishing you good fortune, inspiration, and a recovery full of insight and bright new thoughts and neural passageways. Happy New Year!

  8. Wishing you a wonderful and eventful lunar new year.

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