Ugh. Earthquake. A 4.2, centered just a few miles away from our home, where we sat shocked and frightened. Just a few days ago, while we were in Miami (in a state where so many hurricanes hit land), we had discussed natural disasters, in a morbid discussion as we glistened in the overwhelming humidity, “Would you rather live in an earthquake prone place, or a hurricane prone place?”

We had picked hurricanes–because you can predict them and run for cover, even if they occur more often.

But of course, we love the Bay Area, earthquake territory–where in the past few months, I have felt my share of quite a few temblors underneath our home. Sometimes the earthquakes have felt like a big giant falling against the house in a jolt. Tonight, it built up, shaking the house, as we sat in the couch, wondering when it would end. Yes, despite our years of childhood training, we did not run for cover.  The earthquake was on the strong side, I predicted something well over 4.0, and my heart started beating faster.  “Shit,” I thought, “I’m going to die while watching stupid ‘American Idol’ on TV.”

Our two dogs sat curled in my lap, snoozing away (wonderful and useless things).

Oh, and another tiny earthquake just hit.

And thus–ends my silence on this blog. I guess it took a jolt (literally) for me to return.

And of course, welcome home to me, after a short trip on the road. More to come.



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3 responses to “earthquake

  1. Agh. I hate earthquakes. Our cute, useless dogs didn’t flinch either.

  2. Jade, it sounds scary. I’ve never experienced an earthquake so I can only imagine. I’m glad you seem ok. I would have had much the same thought about dying while watching American Idol (which, yes, I admit, I was watching that night!).

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