a new path before me

Lucette, over at Novel On Toast, documented her writing process. The following are the first two steps of her writing process (written mostly tongue in cheek with a good dose of humor):

1. Write a list of 20 story ideas.
2. Make notes on the 20 ideas.

I have always done #1 (maybe not 20 story ideas, but I do write down ideas–on my hand, in my moleskine, and finally emailing the ideas to myself so that they’re stored in my mailspool, now 556 messages strong).

I have not really done #2, and that is an enlightening fact–I’ve gone from #1 to picking one that sings in my mind loudest and then immersing myself in story. These days, as I recover from my stroke, I’m having to find incremental steps (thank you to W over at Loud Solitude for bringing up the suggestion of baby steps in one of the comment threads) and having to examine my previous “more intuitive/natural” effort closely. What *did* I do between “coming up with the idea” and “finishing the story?”

Ah. I made notes in my head on the 20 ideas. Now I think I’ll try writing them down on paper. Thanks, Lucette.



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3 responses to “a new path before me

  1. Interesting! What is a mailspool? Is it different from an Inbox?

  2. oh–yah. mailspool is the “geeky tech name” (yes, I’m revealing some of my nerdiness) for “inbox.”

  3. Thanks for the link. One of the only things I think I know about the writing process is that I have to keep learning how it works; which is good, I think. Every time I start to write a story it’s like starting all over again, in some ways.

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