Ah, Miami!


I’m generally a sucker for travel posts written in real time–I get the sense of the writer “being there” and that is just one step away from ME (the reader) being there! (Oh, and so very often, I do want to BE there!) But in this case, I just could not manage blogging while on the road because I was utterly exhausted and overstimulated, even though the trip was thoroughly satisfying.

Traveling in this state of mind was like walking through a dream, half asleep, time moving at its own whimsy, the sights surrealistic. Really. Was it a dream? The pictures say it really happened, even though the sensations and memories of the trip are veiled in a delicious sleepy fog.

Getting OUT of my environment was just terrific–and I’ll have to say that Miami is nearly the opposite of the city in which I live with its outrageous extroverted, materialistic (in this case I found it utterly charming), warm and humid nature. (But first, we were in a city outside of Fort Lauderdale where I asked, peering quizzically out the hotel windows at a traffic jammed freeway, “Where’s the beach?” (It was nearly an hour car-drive away)).  When we got to Miami, I left the hubbub of my day to day life behind, even neglecting to really read my emails.

Instead, I turned my mind to the neon drenched art deco scene in South Beach, and my body?  It spent time lounging in the hotel and walking the streets of South Beach.

And it was good.



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2 responses to “Ah, Miami!

  1. Max

    Ah, what a great place.

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