I did it AGAIN


I went to go put away some of the books I purchased on my “day off” today. I also found a box of books from amazon that I opened. I put some of the books away, and others, I added to random book stacks. The stack of books to read is growing! (I’m STILL working on Haruki Murakami’s recent collection of short stories after 2 months, if that gives you any idea of my reading pace).

I stepped back to admire one of the stacks. I was immediately dismayed.

I had again bought a book I’d ALREADY purchased: First, with Calvin Trillin’s About Alice and now with Floyd Skloot’s In the Shadow of Memory. I bought the book on recommendation of Barking Kitten. A great book, I’m sure–but now I have two copies.

Sometimes, as I recover from the stroke, I forget. And other times, I both forget and remember: in the case of books, I try so hard NOT to forget to buy the book, that I buy it twice (forgetting I’d already BOUGHT the thing).

Now–who wants a copy of Floyd Skloot’s book, In the Shadow of Memory?



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11 responses to “I did it AGAIN

  1. Me! Me! (or is that greedy?) I’ll pass the Alice on to somebody else who wants it – I read it in like an hour. But listen, don’t feel badly. When we moved to our new house, I hired someone to catalogue my entire book collection. I had FOUR AND FIVE copies of some books – not because of bad memory, but because the house was so chaotic I kept LOSING my other copies. Now that’s bad.

  2. w

    Hm… I wonder if cataloging your books might be an interesting, possibly fun, challenge to help you keep track of which titles you own. Excel spreadsheet? Word? Pie chart? I’ve no idea; the last time I tried this myself was in grade school, using a ruler and a composition notebook. Anyway, cataloging your books might give you more control of your library. And you don’t have to catalog every single one of them, if that sounds too daunting right now, but maybe start out with one or two bookcases. And I wonder if such a job might jog memory about books a little better? Not sure, but just wondering . . .

  3. w is right, with sites like librarything it’s dead easy to catalogue books. as for the current problem, is it possible to return the book for an exchange? or maybe you can try selling it off…


  4. I’ve been going through my too-big book collection lately, to get rid of things that I never liked or won’t read again, etc. So far I’ve found half dozen doubles. Of a few books I had even more than 2–Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook: 3; and Anna Karenina: 5 (although I knew about 3 of them). I like to think of it as a measure of book love that I keep buying them over again (although sometimes, like Susan, it’s because I can’t find them).

  5. hey. at least you’re buying good books twice. it’s not like you bought in her shoes twice. (not that it was a bad read, especially while in a hammock with rum punch in hand…) 😀

  6. oh no! “in her shoes” twice! (which reminds me: i bought “i heart huckabees” once, and that was one time more than i should have bought it). 😛

  7. haha. I find books in places and completely forget I buy them. I bought Memoirs of a Boy Soldier the other day and completely forgot about it too until I found it under a pile of papers. I hope you enjoy the flannery o’conner by the way.

  8. just a thought.
    but maybe you could set aside the extra copies of books and donate them to a library?
    then, when you do buy a duplicate copy…it’s more like you’re helping other people read.

  9. Yep–I have a ton of books to give away, and it’ll be to the Camel book fund.

    As for repeat book buys–I just never used to do this before! It’s not a big deal in general, but it does signal change in my life.

  10. Hi!

    I fell off the map for a week there…working life is a pain. But I’m pleased you bought the Skloot, albeit twice…I think he can relate to your situation in a way most of us cannot. He, too, would buy two.

    (She’s a poet and doesn’t know it…groan..)

  11. Floyd Skloot

    Well, I want to thank you twice, and assure you that I really appreciate the double-hit of royalties someday. But I also want to say I understand fully how you could have done this, and I sympathize. Not long ago, I was reading a novel by Paul Theroux that really felt familiar . . .

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