a list for those who wait

If you’ve applied to an MFA writing program, and are awaiting word–maybe this list will help. It is a compilation of information that provides word/acceptances/rejections from various MFA programs (this is for the current 2007 application season only). If you’re into waiting, then I suggest you not click on the link…if you crave any kind of information or indication on your status, then this is a starting point.

For instance, Stegner acceptances for fiction were notified via phone on 3/5/07, according to this list.



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4 responses to “a list for those who wait

  1. Lord have mercy, what an ordeal! Makes me glad I had no clue about the competition when I applied to ONE school two years ago. I was only interested in schools near me, and the one other program I knew of at the time didn’t interest me. I wasn’t even willing to apply to my own alma mater in the next county, because I didn’t want to commute.

    Now there’s a new kid in town, across town, which happens to be my hubbie’s alma mater for undergrad. Whatever. I’m happy where I am, happy I’m finishing.

    But what a grind for everybody. Can this be worth it?

    And how depressing that 4,000 MFAs graduate every year. Oh well. It’s a big country…

  2. Well, looks like I’ll have to wait and pray for the stegner fellowship next year. But I knew it was a longshot. thnx for posting this. :o)

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