search engine terms

the following are ways some people have found this blog:

jadepark 3
why do writers write under an assumed na 1
fatherly advice 1
comfort women 1
ADD attension deficit disorder 1
korean women aren’t pretty 1
10 funny meaning of life 3
apocalyptic writing 2
i like to stay alone without peers 1
analytical essay writing in fictional li 1
moodiness after stroke 1

I do like to look at the statistics, checking in with the way people find this place, how our paths intersect in sometimes random ways.  Most amusing?  “korean women aren’t pretty”–now WHERE did I put THAT phrase in?



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13 responses to “search engine terms

  1. I think “i like to stay alone without peers” is my favorite.
    Kind of makes you think about what you type into Google, doesn’t it?

  2. mel

    I like “apocalyptic writing”! I want that one!

    I also like “funny meaning of life.” That’s pretty cool.

  3. elizabeth: for sure! it’s interesting how we intersect, for sure!

  4. primalsoup

    i enjoy your thoughts and writing very much & am happy to have found you again. i will always take my shoes off at the door, and walk gentle steps.

  5. hi primalsoup: that’s very kind of you–welcome!

  6. I hate to bring it up Jade, but when did you say that surgery was? You know we would not expect a post from the recovery room, but …..

  7. I don’t know when my surgery will be–it’s still to be scheduled!

  8. Thanks Jade…I thought I missed something about the surgery being scheduled. Hope there is not much time between when you are told and the actual operation – so that it can be over quickly.

  9. Good luck with everything, dear Jade.

    I’d post the search terms that bring the masses to my other blog, but then my anonymity would be blown. Let’s just say that my recipes are the big draw. They’re unusual enough for the internet that they are rated highly on Google, I guess.

    Be well…

  10. I think I’ll treat this as a meme, and do my own search-term list.
    I wonder if anyone will find you by “poisonous lifesavers”(from your last post)?

  11. w

    Somebody found me today with “small penis story.” Whuh…?

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  13. This is great. I may do a list of my own weird search strings, as Lucette suggested. Most of the time, I think, those items are not in quotes and so don’t correspond to a phrase in your blog. So you probably said ‘Korean women aren’t pretty”– but not all at once.

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