What? Narrative=Story Quarterly?

I woke up in London this morning to an email from Narrative Magazine:

a new issue of StoryQuarterly
to be published later this month
with nine wonderful new stories.

Narrative is pleased to be StoryQuarterly’s new publisher
and will continue SQ’s thirty-two year heritage of affirmation for stories.

Narrative subscribers may use their Narrative id and password to access SQ.
Both magazines are offered to readers for free.

They promise to continue Story Quarterly’s “thirty-two year heritage of affirmation for stories”–when did this happen?

I went to Story Quarterly Magazine’s website:

Welcome to StoryQuarterly. For more than three decades we’ve published new writers who have become well-known authors. We’re proud to continue that tradition with our new publisher, Narrative Magazine.

Clicking on the “About Us” link at Story Quarterly will take you to Narrative.



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4 responses to “What? Narrative=Story Quarterly?

  1. I got that email, too, and was like, huh? How is Storyquarterly still Storyquarterly if it is Narrative Magazine? Are they staying separate or are they combining? Maybe it was late, but I was confused.

  2. Um, I got that one, too. A bit mystifying. I suspect that Narrative has the bucks to pay for the printing, but who knows? Narrative editors are now listed on the masthead of SQ. Narrative seems like it’s building an empire: The website lists San Francisco, LA, Chicago, NY, New Orleans, St. Petersberg, and London at the bottom of the masthead. Do they have offices in all of those places?

  3. Richard Peabody

    Interesting. Somebody might tell Rutgers since they just took over Story Quarterly with one of the editors consulting. What gives?

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