Thinking Blogger Awards

thinking bloggerSusan over at ReadingWritingLiving, awarded me with a Thinking Blogger Award! I was surprised, stunned, and utterly without an acceptance speech. In fact, I think I was chewing on something crunchy and wearing a gnarly pair of pajamas when I found out, true to form. Thank goodness for the internet, because I am so not made for television.

I’m still without an acceptance speech of any kind–I will just say Thank You, Susan.

I’ve basked in the glory–but I can’t bask too long, because I’ve got to now award five blogs that make me think (and they then must also award five blogs, and so on and so forth).

In no particular order (in fact, I shuffled them from my original deciding order!):

  1. Covers by Ryan Tate. There aren’t that many food-oriented blogs that make me think so much as salivate. Covers is a blog centered on the business of Restaurants (and Hotels), with juicy news hot off the press and insights into the food business. It makes me think about how my food got onto the table, and about the logistical choreography of the business surrounding the food.
  2. Margaret Cho’s Blog is funny and thoughtful…and yes, it sometimes makes me salivate. I am a HUGE fan of her and her comedy, which has the intention of making her audience think as well as laugh.  I wonder if I just chose a blogger who will not continue this meme.  Oh well.
  3. Well crap–he makes me think about my underwear drawers and playing with the urinal infrared sensors, but that’s THINKING, right? Paul, over at his blog, No Milk Please gets me thinking (and peeing in my pants, then wondering if I should play with the bathroom infrared sensor) all the time.
  4. Elizabeth gets me thinking about my writing a lot with her blog entitled Fluent–you can tell she thinks a lot, too.
  5. Gord blogs at Eclexys about life in Korea as an expat teacher of English, about his writing, and his general observations–he shares deep and complex thoughts that are not your usual blog posts. You just don’t read his posts and go on to the next blog lightly. He definitely gets me to think.  If I ever meet him in real life, I have to remind myself to read up and type up some good cheat notes for what I imagine will be a super intense discussion of great reward.

Okay, I instantly just thought of five more blogs.  Bleahhhhh.  But what meme is perfect?

Now–go go go!  Think!



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3 responses to “Thinking Blogger Awards

  1. Jade, what a great list! I am going to go check them out right away. And I instantly thought of five as soon as I posted my five. I think I’ll do another five next week.

  2. great idea here. there aren’t enough ways to promote the really good blogs out there. thanks for the referral, it’s always nice to know that there’s somebody out there reading my sh*t 🙂

    this is going to make me have to pick up my lazy ass and find some good entries from all the blogs i read out there. it’s gonna be tough! 😦

  3. I heart Margaret Cho – funny, insightful and fearless!

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