Vegas fast forward


I have excused myself and retreated to the quiet of our hotel room, as the hubby shmoozes at a business gathering. Normally, I love to shmooze and surround myself with people and stimulation, but this time, it is all just a little too much for me.

Is it remaining jetlag from London? Is it stroke stuff? Is it just exhaustion? I don’t know, but I’m finally in my hotel room, just the hum of the air conditioner, faint housekeeping noises (vacuum, the wheels of their carts), and me (represented by the clicking of my keyboard).

Ah, quiet.

The quiet is truly heaven, and now I’m starting to feel a little rejuvenated; this is in contrast to my “KIT! Keep-It-Together!” scenario less than an hour ago in a convention hall across the street.

I was on the verge of falling asleep, on sensory overload, everything sounding way too loud and moving way too fast, unable to remember things easily, unable to talk in cohesive word sequences, let alone sentences, and dreading the fact that I was wearing a mini-skirt, I so wanted to lie down on the floor of the hallway and fall asleep without my crotch on display like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears…or Paris Hilton. (Hey, what’s up with all the crotch display?)

Instead, I sat on the floor, legs primly crossed at the ankles, wondering how I would survive and realizing: I’m not going to make it. I had to get up and walk out.

I do love Vegas, so I’m surprised at this reaction to my surroundings! Where is my party mood in this party atmosphere? It’s gone kaput! Yesterday I was social, meeting people, feeling energized by the interactions–I went to “O” for G*d’s sake! (After years of friends recommending Cirque du Soleil, I finally acquiesced and bought tickets).

Watching “O” was like watching someone’s subconscious, or walking in a surreal dream–complete with archetypes (lost people, brides, animals like zebras, ships at sea, and tons of water of course) and a very loose narrative, one that was very reminiscent to dreams. “I was walking down the street, and then this zebra pounced out of the bushes and well then it started talking and next thing I know, I was paddling up a river where I met this beautiful princess who was crying and then the river started to flood! And then the sun shone and some frogs started singing and I was one of them and then a ship came and took us all away!” Well, that’s not the narrative arc of “O” but you get the idea.

In sum, a good show–the idea of bringing “the circus” to this level of showmanship is genius.   There are people who go to see every Cirque du Soleil show–though that is not me, as I am thoroughly satisfied with seeing just this one–I can see why they would.

I went to bed very tired and woke up with a huge headache–maybe yesterday was too much? Or maybe things literally PIERCED my psyche, leaving a wound.

Today I just want to lie on the couch and stare out the window with a blank mind.

In a few minutes, my afternoon tea from room service should arrive, and I’m going to be very happy nibbling on a scone and drinking some decaf tea in this sleepy stupor. Then maybe I will take a nap! Or watch a movie! Or just lie on the couch and stare out the window at the desert landscape, with a blank mind.

p.s. As much as I love writing, I’m so glad this blog post came to a natural end. I was wondering, “When can I stop writing this? When will this post end?” Ah, and then the circle met its beginning point.



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4 responses to “Vegas fast forward

  1. Enjoy your scone and tea Jade….and your nap. You are listening to your body and mind telling you to pace yourself. Nothing like putting everything in nuetral and drifting for an afternoon.

  2. I like how you’re listening to your instincts and doing what’s right for you. It sounds like withdrawing from the hurly-burly was exactly what you needed. I imagine that Vegas can overload one.

  3. Hmmm– that tea and napping sounds appealing.

    But the idea of a pierced psyche is not. I’m imagining my dreams sliding into my waking life through a tiny hole and given what I’ve been dreaming about lately, this would not be good.

  4. pistolpete

    This indirectly relates to this post. I just read your comments on another blog about nicotine addiction and found them very thoughtful & right on the money. I’ve been reflecting on my own journey through addiction in recent blogs & I can see we are “kindred souls”.

    On a direct note to this entry & smoking. How do you do with smoking in Vegas? As a former smoker, second-hand smoke makes me sick.

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