well–at least your kids will be occupied for awhile

I just read, on Ed Champion, that the last Harry Potter book will be (get this) 784 pages long, with a print run of (get this) 12 milllllllion.

Aside from his point about the environment (though the book will be printed on recycled paper)…why can’t someone edit J.K. Rowling?! Shouldn’t this be a shorter book, or perhaps 2 books?

On second thought, in this modern day and age when readers are on the decline, it makes me hopeful to think that millions (12 million) of readers will willingly buy a 784 page book and sit down to read it. I’ll be included in that number, because I am a Harry Potter fan.



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6 responses to “well–at least your kids will be occupied for awhile

  1. Eric

    Me too sistafriend!
    I remember lining up at 6am in Melbourne when the fifth book was released and again here in Toronto when the sixth came out. I’m gonna have to do the same when this one comes out; block the phone, unplug the internets and barricade myself inside our wee condo till I find out how it all turns out…

  2. or pre-order at your bookstore!

  3. I don’t know, perhaps the longer books also serve as a lesson t some readers in that it really doesn’t matter how thick the book is. If you love the story, you never really want it to end.

  4. 12 milllllllion????

    Whatever happened to sharing books? Read it and pass it on. Or just request your local library order additional copies and borrow them.

    And to think some people will never read the book; they’ll just buy a copy to keep as a collector’s item. Or they’ll buy two copies: one to read and one to keep behind some locked glass display case.

    I guess getting kids excited about books is always a good thing. It does make me wonder how the Harry Potter books will fare far off in the future. I’m sure they’ll be reprinted over and over again…on distant planets.

  5. can’t understand myself. why could i read harry potter when i didn’t have the courage to read ulysses? a no-brainer question?

  6. Eric

    Even the pre-orders will require me to line up to get my copy at the VERY first opportunity… 🙂

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