something random and funny

I love my Korean American comics: Margaret Cho…and now Bobby Lee, who was profiled in the SF Chronicle recently.

I clicked on a link from the article to a youtube clip of a family sketch on MADtv…and one of his sketches about Korean soap operas.

It brought me welcome laughs this morning. So now, I share with you.

Even funnier if you’re Korean, I think (for instance, he says in Korean, in his first line during the Korean soap opera, “Right now, I can’t speak Korean very well” while the transcription says something else entirely).



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5 responses to “something random and funny

  1. w

    This guy cracks me up, too. Thanks for pointing to the article… I just spent an hour at work, shh, watching his MadTV clips on YouTube.

  2. He is particularly funny…have you seen the “Original Kims of Comedy”? It’s hit or miss but the Bobby Lee set is pretty funny. 🙂

  3. I haven’t seen that!

  4. mel

    I loved the mom in that family dinner sketch. When I saw that I thought you must’ve been laughing your ass off! I’m happy for his success – he’s really funny.

  5. maybe santa peas will send you a copy! 😉

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