Thinking Blogger Awards Round Deux

thinking bloggerthinking blogger

Melanie awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award! My second award is no less special! (“You like me! You really like me!”–Sally Field)

And now–I can award more Thinking Blogger Awards, especially to those blogs I missed my first time around. These are blogs that make me think:

  1. Tea, of Tea and Cookies, combines two artistries: those of food and those of writing, in her food blog (oh, I guess there’s three–because her pictures are quite wonderful too). Every word is delicious and she makes me think and pause and meditate before I eat. I am betting that if she wrote about bell peppers, I may even be tempted to have one. Btw, I hate bell peppers.
  2. Hey! There’s an MBA student living in New York City who likes to write. Check out Duke Kim’s blog. Sometimes he makes me laugh, sometimes he makes me think. Mostly he makes me snicker.
  3. I also want to recognize Wildguppy over at Swimming Upstream–she writes about her life in a very palpable way. I remember having this level of passion once in my life.
  4. Nova writes the writing life like it is on her blog, distraction no. 99. She is brave to write about the downs as well as the ups of life as a fiction writer. She makes me think about my own writing and inspires me to move forward.
  5. I love fashion. I love talking smack. Yes, they are evil. Does that transitively mean I love evil? If you’re like me, you’ll love Go Fug Yourself, a website devoted to “critiquing” celebrities, especially their fashion faux pas. Yes, this qualifies as “thinking”–who says thinking always has to be super deep?

Moving forward: each of my awardees must now award 5 other blogs. Don’t forget to include the link to the Original Thinking Blogger Award post.



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3 responses to “Thinking Blogger Awards Round Deux

  1. Tea

    Oh my gosh–what a wonderful warm fuzzy! Thank you (you like me! you really like me!), your kind words have put a smile on my face and a spring in my step.
    PS. I hate bell peppers too–at least the green ones, especially when they are raw. Yech! I promise never to write about them, so you are safe:-)

  2. Thank you, Jade. You completely inspire me—this is an honor.

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