An unbelievable series of events continues. One of my beloved doggies has been ailing for a few days and been put on crate rest. Basically, I have been typing these posts with a quiet doggie in a crate beside me. After taking a turn for the worse tonight, I took her to Pet Emergency.

She had lost all movement in her front legs. Her back legs were also very weak. She was in no great pain–all symptoms VERY different from her prior back problem scenarios.

The vets at the emergency room said she’d ruptured a disc, most possibly in her neck. She would need surgery.

The good points: she can still experience “deep” pain, and she can still make some voluntary movement.

My choices: put her to sleep or have her undergo major surgery.

In a month like this, we can’t handle another death.

I swear, I’m going to claw for a happy ending somewhere in here somehow.  Life is a story, and stories need joyful developments.



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14 responses to “unbelievable

  1. connie

    Oh no! So sorry to hear this. I’m putting all my good thoughts out for your doggie to have a speedy recovery.

  2. Thank you, Connie, for your kind and generous thoughts. I am hoping the pendulum shifts soon!

  3. angllhugnu2

    I couldn’t resist it! I saw your post about your dog. I have a mutt right now who has just turned 17 years old. I watch in amazement as he keeps moving his frail little body about the house; always, it seems, in perpetual motion. While some days, I just wonder if he will move from his sleep when I wake him…There are others days…he is pure inspiration! We are so blessed with such simple gifts of Love…….

  4. primalsoup

    My thoughts today will be with you & your pup. We share our lives with a dog & have been through surgery after he was attacked. It’s amazing what the vets can do these days, no doubt it’s time for some good to come your way.

  5. Man, you’ve had a hectic year. I hope the surgery goes well.

  6. As you know, our beloved dog had the same exact issue a few years ago and underwent the same surgery. After a lot of doggie physical therapy, he is still happily with us, hobbling around like a drunken sailor, but still, thankfully, with us. I will be sending out doggie prayers.

  7. mel

    OMG! You know how I feel about doggies. Do you need vet recommendations? I can call around. I’m going to email you…

    sending love and prayers to you and pup…

  8. lucy

    Ai! I hope your dear doggie comes through. I am sorry you’re going through such a barrage of traumas lately.

  9. oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! What a string of events. I’ll be rooting for your dog…

  10. Eric

    Honey, there’s that saying that God never gives us more than we can handle – but I’m thinking that She just isn’t paying attention to what you’ve already been through. I’ll send a little memo His way for you along with my prayers and wishes for you. May Jizo protect your little puppy so she can continue to bring you the pure joy and unreserved love that you so muchly deserve…

  11. thank you–she’s out of surgery and at the hospital now. keep your fingers crossed–she has a 50/50 chance.

  12. Eric

    I’ve got my legs, toes, arms, fingers and eyes crossed for you, my dear.

  13. Poor S! I’m keeping everything crossed too!

  14. Please let us know how she is…. crossing all digits.

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