fantasy scenes


These days, to distract from my sometimes grim reality, I am retreating as best as I can into a world of books, literature, movies, and stories. Complete with a soundtrack, really! There are a number of scenes and music that make me happy, no matter what I’m faced with.

I read cookbooks and food magazines and imagine all the wonderful smells emanating from my kitchen, and a table full of friends. Sometimes the scenes happen in wintertime, and the table is filled with various cooked tubers and pies and rich stews, with a crackling fireplace.. Or it’s summertime, with the patio table laden watermelon and sorbets and a hearty barbecue entree, overlooking a San Francisco skyline view.

I recall Autumn, with its beautiful chilly air and the fiery red leaves and the smell of wood burning in fireplaces and putting on a sweater for the first time in months. Life is so beautiful when I recall these images.

I recall music that gives each image heft–Mozart’s Requiem or the Cranberries or Sia, The Fray, Snow Patrol, Enya, The Who, The Killers, Depeche Mode, the list goes on and on. There is music for each scene and mood, and I am overwhelmed just thinking of this emotional combination.

Novels and short stories engage me in another life, with its flavors and daily rhythms apart from my own. A little vacation.

And even movies. Right now, I am watching “You’ve Got Mail” because–well, because it’s on satellite right now. I love the scenes where Meg Ryan’s character walks through the streets of Manhattan, picking up flowers and navigating her way to work to the tune of the Cranberries’ “Dreams.” Her life is so incredibly quaint–her little apartment that she cannot possibly afford but of course she does afford because she is a movie character and audiences can’t bear to have a charming leading woman live in a hovel. Friends who gather and sing around a piano for Christmas. A cute little store. Tom Hanks (F-O-X!) and the unbelievably down-to-earth charm that a multi-millionaire cannot possibly exhibit with so much ease (most multi-millionaires I know are unbelievably guarded for very good reason).

The meet cute. The beautiful complexity of New York City (the “other” city I would live in).

Right now, it makes me want to visit New York, my hometown (really). I haven’t made it to New York in years, but I so want to walk around in that feeling of escape for just a little while!



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3 responses to “fantasy scenes

  1. my boyfriend peter and i went to the parkway on friday to see The Host (Gwoemul), which was, seriously, one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I had mistakenly thought of it as a horror film. Peter corrected me and said it’s really a monster movie. But it’s so much more than that: funny, insightful, led by a lovely ensemble cast of bumbling, loving family members, a very cool monster, and lots of great commentary on the evil nature of the U.S.

    Go see it! It is 2 hours of unadulterated fun. And not violent! Really, not hardly violent at all!

    Plus, you can see it at the Parkway, or the one in El Cerrito, and drink beers and zone out on janky couches. Lovely!

  2. OMG!
    #1. I saw YGM too! what I love about NYC is strolling through the village on a cool winter night when everything is decorated for the holidays…and window shopping. *sigh*
    #2. I was totally going to suggest “The Host” to you as well. I saw it on Saturday night @ the Parkway (yay elka!) and although it was a monster movie, I loved it. Oddly, the one part that stuck to my mind was when they roasted ojing-oh. That’s so old-school camp days for me.

  3. I have been fascinated by “The Host” ever since I read the movie’s review in the New Yorker! I am a big fan of DVDs, so i think I’ll definitely put it in my netflix queue when it releases.

    btw, Elka, funny that you describe it as a “monster movie” because the Korean name “Gwoemul” means “monster.”

    ihategreenpeas: yes—NYC is particularly beautiful during the holidays, isnt it?

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