the unlucky year of the pig


A few months ago, I waited in anticipation for the new lunar year of the pig, a year that is supposed to be especially prosperous and lucky. What would the year bring, I asked myself.

Just a few months into the year, we have had several tragedies strike. Sudden illness, sudden death. The kind that leave a person and a family reeling, in disbelief and pain and confusion. We are in the process of restructuring, and gaining our footing, and in believing that life is good. In our grief, we empathize with national tragedies such as the Virginia Tech bloodbath, which has left our nation reeling as well.

The year is not a lucky year.

It is what I said to a friend of mine this morning, who called me in tears. Her young son, so young he had yet to even enter high school, had died. “I called you because I know you would want to know, and because you liked my son so much.”

The tears of a heartbroken mother ripped through my ears.

It is not a lucky year.

I do hope, with the deepest of hopes, that perhaps things will change and that there will come much beauty and luck to balance out this misfortune and heartbreak.



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3 responses to “the unlucky year of the pig

  1. Hear, hear. Things have got to get better. I am very sorry to hear about your friend’s son.

  2. mel

    I’m sorry to hear this, too. It seems there’s been so much hardship. Condolences to your friend; that is awful.

    Recently I heard a friend’s mother died last week. Sigh. Thanks for sharing your hope for the better. I believe that, too, but sometimes it’s easy to forget.

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