yes i know

yes i know.  this blog reads like an awful tragedy, without any bright points, and i write in it with great fear that it will turn into a platform for utter self-absorption.  and really, how can it be at all entertaining?  but alas, it is my life right now.

i will look for a bright point to post on as soon as i can.



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5 responses to “yes i know

  1. You are writing about your life right now…it is sometimes raw and sad, but that is you, now. Your readers understand that and want to read and understand what you are going through. You don’t owe anyone “a bright post” or, for that matter, silence.
    Keep it up, what you write is compelling.

  2. connie

    I concur with Elizabeth. Don’t worry about trying to write a “bright post” for us readers. Just take the time you need to grieve and heal, and perhaps find a bright point for yourself.

  3. I keep checking your blog because you write so powerfully out of your pain, and you are still staying present in the moment: a great lesson to me. The yahrzeit candles, the shaved beards, the cheese she left on the counter. These images stay with me. I am grateful that you share them.

    My life this decade has been just one tragedy after another: birth defects, cancers, war, sudden death. This year in particular we lost five family members in eight months. Two of those were young men in their prime, of natural causes, but devastating all the same.

    Some of us are fortunate to live long decades without knowing of such sadness. But then the wheel does turn and we get the run of ill luck. You at least are recording your journey, sharing it with us. Thank you for your courage and your generosity. You inspire me.

  4. The “brightness” in the posts is not the content, but the beauty and clarity of your writing. Keep being honest and open as you have been– that is the bright part.

  5. mel

    This is your blog and your space, Jade – you should write whatever you feel you want or need to.

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