no dreams!


I read my bloglines subscriptions everyday. Yes, it’s an obsession of mine to read blogs, and I’m not satisfied until the “unread” blogs on bloglines indicates: 0. It takes awhile, I’ve got 143 feeds–I try to keep it under control, I unsubscribe to blogs now and then, and others I merely peruse…but still, it’s my way of keeping connected to the world, much like this blog is a way for me to be connected to people, to you.

Today, I discovered that two people, Nova over at distraction no.99 and Elizabeth of Fluent, posted about their dreams. It’s as if last night was a dream nexus for writers.

I read their dreams with great wistfulness and interest. Hrm. Wait. Why was I so wistful? Then I realized–I haven’t had a dream in weeks and weeks…maybe even months.

Oh boy.

My dreams have often been a way for me to connect with my creativity and imagination. In fact, so important have my dreams been that I have a category called “Dreams” for blog posts having to do with my dreaming.

What does it mean that I don’t remember my dreams (I doubt that I don’t dream–but could it be possible that I’m not dreaming anymore)? And is this a facet of my very sluggish imagination? Did my stroke have anything to do with this absence of dreams?



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3 responses to “no dreams!

  1. Hey, I was in the dream nexus too! I had a fabulous dream about a house I fell in love with. It was weird because I am a traveller not a settler, but I wanted to move right in. The house was in Boston.

    Hope you start dreaming again soon.

  2. I think that your dreams will return to you—consciously—when they’re worth being remembered. They’re there, just under the surface, waiting. Anyway, who wants to wake up thinking about a stupid dream about taking a shower or needing a pencil sharpener (ugh, my dreams are usually such boring reiterations of my day), right?

  3. That’s a great photo!

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