Thinking Blogger Awards Round Trois

thinking bloggerthinking bloggerthinking blogger

(Note: I didn’t expect to win a 3rd Thinking Blogger Award–I had to go google for the French word for “three” (it’s “trois” fyi and if it isn’t obvious by now, I speak very very very very very little French)–if I had known that there would be a third round of these awards, I would have picked a language I know, like Spanish! Or Korean, but then YOU would have been googling for the meaning of “dool” and “saet”)

Anyway, onward: I have been awarded another Thinking Blogger Award!

This falls on the heels of my 2nd award and my first award–I purposely leave you links to those rounds, because I pointed to some very worthy blogs.

I have to say–I’m surprised! Thank you to the Kellementology blog! Your award comes at a particularly pitiful moment in my life, and I gobble this award up with great joy. I’m glad my writing means something to others.

And now I must, in turn, award 5 other blogs an award (and moving forward: each of my awardees must now award 5 other blogs. Don’t forget to include the link to the Original Thinking Blogger Award post).

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. I f*cking love him! He makes me so deliciously angry and alive!!!! He makes me think and get really really pissed off (in a meaningful way)!!! He is Angry Asian Man
  2. The person who awarded me my first Thinking Blogger Award, Susan of ReadingWritingLiving should name her blog “ReadingWritingLivingThinking” because her posts are so heartfelt and cover topics from adoption to writing to family to Rosie O’Donnell (hisssss). I held off on giving her a Thinking Blogger Award, not because she didn’t deserve it, but because I thought it would be weird to reciprocate the award so immediately–I am glad I have a 3rd chance to award her blog!
  3. Don’t forget W over at Loud Solitude, a place I visit to read about the writing process and deep ponderings about family and life. Put your thinking cap on.
  4. One of my favorite parts of ZYZZYVA are the letters to the Editor. Howard Junker prints the most amusing and thought-provoking excerpts of these letters on the back of the litmag. Now he has a blog called ZYZZYVASPEAKS (is that supposed to be in italics, or just caps?)–which provides me with endless amusement and thoughts such as, “How dry is his humor? Am I supposed to wince or laugh at this?” or the more earthly, “I never thought of it that way before.” You want to get an idea of what the editor of a wonderful litmag thinks about? You got your answer.
  5. Finally, there’s Paul Davidson (aka “Pauly”) at Words For My Enjoyment. Mostly, I wonder, “How could he think THAT!” with each of his posts, which are alarmingly creative and present a skewed but hilariously funny perspective on matters such as celebrities and grocery shopping. His most recent post is titled, “I am the Master Tracer”–yes, as in tracing outlines.

Now–go forth and MULTIPLY!



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7 responses to “Thinking Blogger Awards Round Trois

  1. Ummm….quatro, babe. I just gave you one, too. (I will post it shortly). Better start thinking of some more.

    I know you gave me one, but your blog is really my favorite of all blogs and I just want to see you get 4, because you are so good.

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  3. Thanks for rising to the occasion considering all you’ve been through. It was my way of recognizing you as probably one of the first bloggers I came across when I began a little more than a month ago. You inspired me. Cheers to you, and hopes for very good things to come.

  4. Loving the love. Thank you my friend!

  5. Oooh, more links to explore!

    I’m a huge fan of “Loud Solitude,” too.

  6. w

    Oh shucks, thanks!

  7. oh gosh jade, I almost missed this. Thank you! Thank you! Of course you know that I read you daily and think your blog is amazing and wonderful, despite the hardships you’ve endured.

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