holy moly


Last night, while we were out of town, a tanker exploded near the eastbound approaches to the Bay Bridge–yes, we’re talking about the infamous MacArthur Maze. The explosion has destroyed approaches to at least 3 eastbound freeways, including one that I take all the time.


Update: more Wow…a citizen’s youtube video of the fire.



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12 responses to “holy moly

  1. woh! First I’ve heard of this. I think it affects me too! Geez!

  2. be safe out there.
    I was also nervous driving around there…and now it’s going to be more of a pain. a good thing nobody’s injured from this accident.

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  4. It is amazing no one was killed–though the driver was badly burned and ended up walking 1.5 miles to hail a cab! (The things people do in a state of shock amaze me).

    Drove past the destroyed freeway connectors this morning on our motorcycle, en route to work–it is AMAZING–that huge slab of concrete is draped like a blanket…tiny tiny men (Caltrans emps) are working on removing it.

    The bridge was a ghost town this morning–my guess is that everyone called in sick today.

  5. I haven’t seen it in person yet. Sounds surreal.

  6. it was incredible and surreal–the freeway slowed down to gaze at the ruins of the connectors.

    today, on the way home, they’d removed the concrete freeway “road” and we could see the steel underneath. the steel was salvador dali-like, bent like a melted candle.

  7. sounds like it would be a pain in the ass for the commuters. this particular news made it to national i guess since it was reported in chicago. i wonder what the commute time would be now that the ramp is closed and would be for several months…

  8. Today the freeways were deserted–traffic flow more like early Sunday morning than Monday morning. But I suspect that many people stayed home today (anecdotally, I heard many people did stay home from work) and the truth will come out over the next few days.

    It definitely is a pain in the ass for commuters–the way to the freeway home is now blocked and we have to find surface street detours that take us out of the way for miles.

  9. ummm….everybody was on the bart, I think. It took me hours to get home and get to work. Arghh…However I talked to many interesting people along the way.

  10. good to hear people were on BART! a friend of mine took BART into work and she said it wasn’t crowded at all. that made me very concerned–so i’m glad to hear the people were there.

    my contingency plans are:
    1. motorcycle
    2. BART/shuttle

  11. mel

    dali-like! that’s exactly how it looked (from my view of the bus into work yesterday).

  12. oh and i forgot to mention the multiple helicopters up in the sky! they jet over our house in the morning making an awful noise, and then hover over the collapsed overpass all day.

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